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    1. Birch 3-layer Board

      Activated carbonized structure birch five (seven) plywood
      21mm, 25mm, 45mm activated carbon structure birch three-layer board;  birch peeled 1.5mm-3mm veneer is used as the surface material, imported Japanese cedar, cypress, Canadian Douglas fir and other woods are used. After high temperature heat treatment, it can improve the durability, environmental protection, stability, moisture resistance of the board by controlling the moisture content of the wood, and make the board color uniform. The nutrients of Tianma Lvjian's board through high temperature heat treatment technology are destroyed, and it has better anti-corrosion and moisture-proof functions. Because the water absorption function of the board is reorganized, the carbonized wood is not easy to absorb water and is resistant to moisture. In the environment where the external humidity changes greatly, it is not easy to deform and crack. The wood fiber pore height changes the internal stress of the glulam, making the wood stronger and no longer thermal expansion and contraction. , respectively, into cedar, cypress, Douglas fir as activated carbon structural board. The finished product is produced with the aid of a criss-cross production process. Finally, through the moisture balance: the wood balance health room can realize the functions of heating, cooling, dehumidification, drying, heating, constant temperature and constant humidity. The annual wood equilibrium moisture content is 5%-6%. Balance the dried wood to reduce the moisture content gradient of the wood, so that the undried wood can meet the moisture content requirements. For the wood that is too dry, it can absorb a certain amount of moisture to reach the level of uniform moisture content. It can completely eliminate the residual drying stress that cannot be completely eliminated during the drying process of raw materials, and can ensure the moisture content requirements of wood products in the terminal area. Make the product more stable and not easy to crack, and it has a wider range of uses. Tianma Lvjian produces activated carbonized birch wood structure three-layer board so that it does not shrink when going north, and does not expand when going south. Born for efficiency and stability.